#ICantBreathe: Anti-Racism work is Anti-Sexual Violence Work
June 3, 2020
Text "Unpacking White Privilege" in white overlaid on wooden box reading fragile
Unpacking White Privilege
June 12, 2020

Taking Action for Anti-Racism

Join us for a 3-part planning series that will help our community to translate good intentions around anti-racism to community-based action toward anti-racism. We will be discussing current events related to George Floyd, Amy Cooper, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. We will also strive to center the voices and experiences of People of Color, and promote accountability for white aspiring allies. Meetings will take place through Zoom.

Hosted and planned collaboratively through Amanda Davis-Buie of Strength, Love, and Motivation, LLC; Amaury Abreu, Co-Founder of Project 13th Grade; Marianne Bartley, Time to Think, LLC; Renata Williams, Lebanon Valley College; Zaida Del Toro, KNZ Life-Coaching; and Ali Perrotto & Kaity Nordhoff, SARCC

There will be two options to participate: Tuesday/Thursday at noon beginning June 9, 2020, and Wednesday/Fridays at 7 pm beginning June 11, 2020. After registering, participants will receive an email invitation to participate in the discussion via Zoom.

Register for Tuesday/Thursday Noon Sessions

Register for Wednesday/Friday Evening Sessions

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