Green Dot Program

What Green Dot is Doing

Green Dot is an organization aiming to measurably and systematically reduce and prevent violence in any given community. By utilizing current cross-disciplinary research and lessons learned from previous systems the Green Dot program includes all the necessary pieces to create a successful model of violence prevention in all communities. In combination with a successful violence prevention program, Green Dot also practices a means for an effective intervention program. They stress that intervention, not just prevention is vital to ending violence.

The Purpose of Green Dot

With the willingness of a community or an organization, Green Dot’s strategy of violence prevention consistently and measurably reduces power-based personal violence (including sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, child abuse, elder abuse and bullying), working towards two primary objectives, content development and training. For the first objective, Content Development, Green Dot uses detailed templates on obtaining appropriate content specific to the particular target audience they are currently working with. Content is gathered through research across multiple disciplines. This content is then used to develop strategies, programs and training courses designed to lower power-based personal violence across various settings. For the second objective, training courses are designed to teach any given organization or community how to successfully implement the violence prevention and intervention strategies into their community to produce the most effective outcomes possible.

The Green Dot Strategy

The Green Dot Program consists of a basic education program taught to integrate moments of prevention into existing relationships and daily activity to avoid violence. The program has two main targets, influential and respected individuals from across community subgroups and community bystanders.

The program seeks to engage each of these target groups through awareness, education and skills-practice that establishes violence as out of the norm and intolerable. Programs also seek to establish reactive interventions when necessary, which result in a reduction of violence, the ultimate goal of the Green Dot program.

The 3 Basic Components of Green Dot

  1. A single choice in one moment in time to use your voice, actions or choices to make one small corner of the world safer. This means a cultural shift is necessary. To create a cultural shift the mass of people will need to engage in a new behavior that will shorten the sustainability of violence in any given culture, ultimately aiming towards a “green dot”.
  2. A shared vision that creates momentum through the power of a common language and purpose. A momentum must be created centering on a belief that a green dot can be achieved in one’s culture. This happens when looking at your community as more than a sum of many parts.
  3. A social movement that harnesses the power of peer influence and individual bystander choice to create lasting culture change resulting in the ultimate reduction of power-based personal violence. Making violence no longer acceptable and standing up for your rights will go a substantial way in the fight against violence.

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