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In celebration of Women’s History Month, SARCC honors just of few of the remarkable women who have made our work possible. Countless women have poured their time and love into making healing services available in our communities. Over the past year, we lost several of these great women. Their work and their memories are not forgotten. Take a few moments to recall the outstanding work of Lorry Kreiser, Ida Reno, and Redith Snoberger.

Lorry Kreiser:

Lorry was an active and engaged member of the SARCC family for many years. She served on the Board of Directors and was a long-time patron of events and community happenings that raised awareness of sexual assault and SARCC services. Lorry grew up in Lebanon County, and worked at Gingrich Insurance for over 30 years. Lorry was instrumental in promoting connections between SARCC and the local business community. Her smile was infectious, and she is sorely missed!

Ida Reno:

Ida began her volunteer service with SARCC in 1994. For 23 years Ida was dedicated to our mission and provided countless hours of support on our hotline. Ida provided hotline counseling support for at least 12 hours a week, for an amazing total of 14,352 hours of service! Ida and her daughter Colleen worked together on their hotline shifts. Part of their family tradition was to always be on call for Thanksgiving. We can all rest assured that Ida is continuing our mission in heaven.

Redith Snoberger:

Retired SARCC CEO Jenny Murphy-Shifflet is honoring the memory of Redith Snoberger by holding the Redith Snoberger Day of Caring on March 16. Redith also served on SARCC’s Board of Directors and Lebanon Community Council. She lent her generous spirit to SARCC for years, thinking up new ways to bring friends and family into the fold of our work. As Jenny wrote, the event inspires us all to continue Redith’s work through acts of kindness:

“Redith Snoberger will celebrate her birthday in heaven on March 16th. Affectionately called ‘the Godmother of Lebanon County,’ to know Redith was to love her and to feel the warmth she emanated for everyone around her. She truly was a selfless woman who’s spent her entire life helping other people. Whether it was through her decades spent as a school nurse, on one of her many charitable Boards of Service, or just in her everyday life, Redith was the epitome of giving back. On this day, we ask you to help us honor her by doing one kind, selfless act for others.”

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SARCC is always seeking volunteers to help us fulfill our mission of providing transformative healing and prevention services in the community. These great women will live on in our history, leaving a legacy of service and support for survivors of sexual violence. Learn more about how you can volunteer and become a part of this work and our history.

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In celebration of Women’s History Month, SARCC honors just of few of the remarkable women who have made our work possible. Countless women have poured their […]
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