Why we wear black: #TimesUp and #MeToo at the Golden Globes

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Why we wear black: #TimesUp and #MeToo at the Golden Globes


Wow! What a week for survivors of sexual violence! On Sunday night at the Golden Globe Awards, major Hollywood stars rolled onto the red carpet in black dresses and major women’s rights activists on their arms.

Following the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Louis C.K. At the end of 2017, thousands of people came forward – talking about their own personal experiences with sexual violence. SARCC has known for a long time that sexual assault, abuse, and harassment are common and widespread issues. Even if you have not personally experienced this kind of violence, chances are good that someone you love and care about has survived this trauma.

At times like this, it is so important that we BELIEVE SURVIVORS. We know from experience that false reports are extremely rare. It’s common for survivors to wait to share about their abuse. People who commit violence use force, threats, coercion, and power to make their victims fearful or even doubt themselves.

What’s more, many people who commit sexual violence are known and trusted by the people they harm.

There are many things you can do to promote a harassment free culture at your workplace or in your community. Contact us to learn more about sexual harassment and how you can establish policies and programs that support survivors and lead to a safer workplace.

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